Muhsin Ataul

Muhsin Ataul

Creative Designer in London

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A year ago


I’m a devout Muslim and a passionate designer based in London, UK. I am creative in many fields, specializing in brand, interface, and poster design. I always strive to bring my clients’ visions to life, creating meaningful impact along the way. My ultimate goal is to connect with my clients and create designs that look amazing and inspire and move their audience.




  • Successful community builder and design enthusiast
  • Founded and led the Ottoman Architects Discord server
  • Empowered creatives from diverse backgrounds through guidance and support
  • Overcame challenges and balanced education with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Promoted collaboration and fostered community growth
  • Figma community resource creator and designer.
  • Streamlined workflows and elevated design craft for designers.
  • Shared numerous Figma files with thousands of users.
  • Positive impact on the design community, fostering creativity and innovation.
  • Demonstrated expertise in Figma and strong commitment to helping others improve design skills.

Work Experience

2019 — Now
London, UK
  • Freelance designer and solo agency owner
  • Collaborated with diverse clients to establish and enhance visual identities
  • Provided services including logo creation, website design, and impactful posters
  • Demonstrated creativity, flexibility, and commitment to client satisfaction and project deadlines
2022 — 2022
  • Article writer for Netcord, promoting creative and design skills on Discord
  • Contributed to the platform's mission by providing insightful articles
  • Covered topics like Discord tips and creative design to improve readers' craft
  • Boosted Netcord's reputation as a valuable resource for the Discord community
2022 — 2022
Co-owner, Designer, Marketing at vectify
  • Co-owner and manager at Discord server
  • Played a key role in creating the server's brand and providing design guidance
  • Managed marketing efforts and guest recruitment for the server's podcast
  • Successfully secured an interview with well-known VFX animator, Exyl
  • Fostered a creative community and promoted the server's brand through contributions
2021 — 2022
  • Designer and foundational team member at LabsHQ
  • Designed brand and website, establishing visual identity and online presence
  • Collaborated with team members to ensure a strong foundation for early growth
  • Played a crucial role in the company's initial development and success
2021 — 2022
Lead Designer at Disq Software
  • Designer and design advisor at, a utility app and image hosting software company
  • Designed brand and provided design guidance for the software
  • Created visually appealing and user-friendly product through collaboration
  • Contributed to the company's success and product development

Side Projects

  • TikTok content creator spreading love and teachings of Islam
  • Utilizing design and animation skills for impactful content
  • Resonating with global audiences through heart-invoking designs
  • Passionate about promoting positivity and educating about Islam
  • Gained dedicated following for unique approach and positive message
  • Creator of a Discord server template, simplifying server creation
  • Designed and implemented the template, saving time for users
  • Easy-to-use framework for setting up Discord servers
  • Demonstrated innovation and assistance in overcoming technical obstacles


2019 — Now

I am currently enrolled in an iMedia course offered by Oxford Cambridge RCS, which I am pursuing at St. Paul's Way Trust School in East London. The iMedia course has provided me with valuable knowledge and skills in digital media, including graphic design, web development, and digital marketing. Through this course, I have gained a solid foundation in digital media tools and techniques, and I am well-equipped to create compelling digital content. By entering this course, I have demonstrated my commitment to continuous learning and my dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in digital media.

2023 — Now

I am currently taking a Skillshare course called 'Shopify Essentials for Web Developers: From Store Setup to Custom Themes' taught by Kurt Elster. Through this course, I am learning essential skills and techniques for setting up and customizing Shopify stores. The course covers topics such as theme development, customizations, and advanced features, providing me with the knowledge and skills needed to build robust and customized Shopify stores. By completing this course, I will be well-equipped to help clients build and manage their online stores and to deliver top-quality Shopify solutions.



If you're a beginner in Figma, it can be challenging and complicated to get started. Luckily, with these tricks, you'll take your first steps to become a Figma wizard!


Most of us have probably used a “lock” command which uses a bot to lock a channel — But Discord has a way to do it without a bot and it works 10x faster; But how?


Almost everyone on Discord has at least tried to open up their own 'general chatting' servers at one point – and most of them turn out to be a complete flop. But why?


2023 — Now

I am a volunteer graphic designer for Salam Talk, a Discord server dedicated to promoting Islamic education and community-building. In this role, I have designed a variety of server assets, including server icons and banners, to help improve the server's visual appeal and promote engagement. Through my work for Salam Talk, I have demonstrated my commitment to supporting the Islamic community and using my skills to promote positive change. This volunteer experience has allowed me to develop my graphic design skills further and given me the opportunity to make a positive impact on a growing online community.